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Toshiba Multifunctional Printers Home – ABS Qatar

Toshiba has been a first in the imaging systems industry for more than 40 years . would you like a low amount black and white copiers to high-volume? in addition, a multifunctional by numbers, electronic color copiers which are able of printing, faxing, scanning, and emailing? Toshiba has a copier that meets your business’s demands .

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Document Filing & Management Solution Home – ABS Qatar

You need to store any physical item? save space? a safe, good, ready and effective storage? do you need the storage to reduce man hours and storage costs whether operated automatically or by hand? For this reason, we offer four solutions, up-and-down carousel, mobile shelving, times two, and fire & theft protection.

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Secure Document Shredding Home – ABS Qatar

Shredding in-house controls the handling and destruction of your sensitive documents and media. At this rate, it helps in reducing exposure to external forces and increasing the quality where all rules and orders of law are followed. When it comes to document security and paper privacy in the home and workplace, HSM quality paper shredders offer the first line of defense.

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Fire Resistant Commercial & Personal Safes

From anti-theft safes to fire safes and special safes. The Eagle safe combines years of special patent effort and investment. In addition, excellent fire stopping and world class anti theft technology. And simple and convenient usability and different locking devices.

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Luxury Safes

Re-thinking the idea of Safes. The word high living refers to the Safe itself. It is the first time that such design was applied to a safe. LuCeLL provides a tasteful design, high quality LCD display, directions using the voice, separate locking module, very good fire stopping effect, finger print scanner, a high quality alarm system, black box camera, and customized interior.

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Managed Document Services

It is offered by ABS. Managed documents is designed to help the business end-user. It helps them, Especially, to make the management faster and more organized. More than that, it cut costs connected with printing and imaging. This can help to cut ownership costs, improve working well and getting a lot done and reduce energy use.

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Our vision is to be the partner of choice for delivering, managing, and servicing efficient and effective products and solutions that enhance work environment, enrich work experience, and improve productivity.

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